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    How to build a better working environment – it’s all down to attitude and flexibility

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    The pandemic has created challenges that businesses have never seen before. Beyond the initial financial strain many endured, the ongoing restrictions have had a lasting impact on the way the UK workforce approaches the working week. 2020 saw the vast majority of office staff work from home for long periods, which has paved the way […]

    The Year of Hybrid: Five Workplace Predictions For 2021

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    By Lieven Bertier, Workplace Segment Director, Barco ClickShare The Coronavirus pandemic caused perhaps the biggest and fastest shift in working practices that we’ve ever seen. But while we’re not yet out of the woods with Covid-19, and many businesses are still predominantly working remotely, what’s increasingly clear is that this terrible pandemic will not spell […]

    11.42am: The time when PAs and administrative assistants are the most productive

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    A new study has pinpointed the most productive and creative times of day for each profession, with the average UK worker being most effective around lunchtime. Brits are most productive late in the morning, at 11:54am, but feel most inventive during their midday break, reaching their creative peak at 12:42pm. The research, conducted by Tic Watches, […]


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    The HUB XV community has now reopened the Business Hub at Ascot Racecourse, offering local companies, freelancers and those looking to reclaim their homes for their personal space the opportunity to enjoy a socially distanced co-working community with dedicated desk space and private meeting rooms. HUB XV at Ascot, which is based on the first floor of […]

    COVID-19 is Accelerating Existing Workspace Trends as employees shun commuting

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    The ‘commute’ was falling out of favour prior to the pandemic, as an increasing number of office workers started to embrace flexible working. A global survey by the infrastructure architects Weston Williamson & Partners of more than 2,000 commuters in 10 major cities revealed a pre-coronavirus reduction in commuting of 2-5%. 60% of managers and […]

    Office Provider Installs Zoom Booths to meet Demand for Video Conferencing

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    Flexible Workspace provider x+why is installing Zoom Booths in its office spaces as part of a range of post-coronavirus initiatives designed to encourage people back into the office. x+why has been adapting its workplaces to mirror the changes within the confines of public health and the shifting trends that need to be implemented in order […]

    Conference rooms provider offers flexible office space

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    A nationwide provider of conference and training facilities has announced that three of its eight venues will be available to rent as flexible office space on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. This move is in response to the changing shift in working habits and the predicted need for remote workers to meet regularly. […]

    The workplace initiatives that employees want next

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    Remote working is currently changing the working lives of millions and although it’s not a new concept – it turns out that many of employees would like it to continue. A recent survey by Perkbox found that now just nine per cent of employees would like to work completely from the office in the future. […]

    Two-thirds of UK workers want to continue working from home, anxiety high about returning to offices

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    As the UK government announces further easing of lockdown and stimulus for the economy, two-thirds of UK workers (61.6%) would also prefer to work from home in some capacity, even when the pandemic is over – with that number rising to three-quarters (74.9%) for those based in London. These are among the key findings from […]

    How to implement staggered shifts

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    Employment law expert and CEO of BrightHR Alan Price offers some advice… With lockdown measures lifting, your business may now look to return employees to work – at least, those who can’t continue in their role remotely. However, coronavirus now presents a significant operational problem. You may have to return many employees to an enclosed […]