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    UK ranked top for flexible working

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    83% of UK companies allow their personnel or certain groups of employees one or more types of flexible working. That’s the conclusion offered in a joint study conducted by Protime, a specialist in time registration and personnel planning, and HR service provider SD Worx. Of all the countries surveyed, the United Kingdom is the number […]

    Working mums: ‘We want more flexibility in the workplace’

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    Women are a key part of a growing contingent workforce of freelancers, consultants and part-timers. Despite numerous government policies to attract more mothers back into the workplace, retention is still a significant struggle. To find out why this is the case, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices, explores how employers can tackle retention issues […]

    STUDY: Half of Brits plan to quit job this September

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    Nearly half of Brits (49%) plan to quit their job on their return from summer holidays. The research by Wix also reveals that 1 in 3 plan to chuck in their day job to make travel a full-time gig, by starting their own businesses online. Of those surveyed, 69% of Brits dread returning to work, […]

    Third of UK workers actively looking for a more flexible job

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    71% of UK workers consider flexible working (in term of hours and location) as important to their job satisfaction. That’s according to research among more than 2,000 UK adults – all in full-time or part-time work – commissioned by However, half (50%) cannot work remotely when they want or need to, and 46% have […]

    Flexible working: The benefits and the rules

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    Study after study is revealing that companies which offer flexible working conditions have happier staff, fewer absences and are more likely to attract and retain top talent. Lisa Carter reports… Flexible working is no longer seen as a perk, with employees now actively seeking places that allow them to better juggle the work/life balance. Events […]

    Companies in danger of losing top talent due to lack of flexible working

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    A significant number of UK employees are seeking out flexible working to better juggle life both in and out of work, without compromising productivity. The latest findings from Wildgoose’s Flexible Working survey follow on from the organisation’s other insights surveys exploring Diversity & Inclusion and Mental health in the workplace.  The results showed that in organisations where flexible working […]

    8 out of 10 workers would turn down a job that doesn’t offer flexible working

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    If your company doesn’t offer flexible working, you’re missing out on attracting top talent, with 73 per cent of Brits believing that flexi-employment is the ‘new normal’. New findings by flexible workspace provider IWG shows that 80 per cent of those in the UK would chose a job which offered flexible working over a job […]

    Cold winters lower productivity levels

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    More than two-thirds of workers believe they are less productive and have lower concentration levels during the winter season compared to the warmer summer months. Today, Blue Monday, is statistically the day of the year when most people feel unproductive and unmotivated. So, it may come as no surprise that the cold weather is among […]

    Flexible working could benefit UK business

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    Flexible working was seen as a luxury that could only be taken by those that needed to be in and out an office all day. However, with flexible working becoming more popular in the UK, could UK business actually benefit? Workers who are offered the option of flexible working are benefiting UK business, taking less […]

    What will the future of the office look like?

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    With technology becoming more advanced every day, our working habits are changing at a rate unparalleled to any time in history previously. We are having to change and adapt to new surroundings and environments. So why would your office carry on looking the same? Even though no one can be sure what the office of […]