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Charlie Sheen’s ex-PA opens up about ‘wild’ parties

Steve Han was Charlie Sheen’s assistant for two-and-a-half years. Following the actor’s revelation that he is HIV positive last week, Han has opened up to the Daily Mail, telling tales of ‘wild’ drug-fuelled porn-star parties and recalling the moment his boss revealed his illness to him.

Han attended a party at Sheen’s house in his ‘party den’, which was situated just outside his bedroom. Sheen, who was allegedly high on cocaine and drunk at the time, was playing with a knife and accidentally cut his leg, causing blood to pour onto the floor.

When a friend joking lunged at the blood spots to say it was “tiger blood”, as Sheen once famously claimed, the actor stopped him by shouting: “Don’t touch my blood, don’t touch my blood, I got this.”

“It was such a strange reaction; he seemed genuinely concerned that someone might actually touch his blood,” says Han.

The party went on regardless and it wasn’t until almost a year later that Sheen admitted his diagnosis to Han during an emotional conversation while they celebrated New Year’s Eve in Cabo, Mexico. Han had just argued with one of Sheen’s body guards and was quite distraught. Sheen pulled him aside and they were “just being very honest with each other”. That’s when the Two and a Half Men star told Han he had HIV.

“I felt closer to him. I felt we were better friends after that,” Han says. He then took charge of making sure Sheen took his medication, sometimes physically putting three anti-viral pills in the actor’s mouth, but Sheen said the medicine left him feeling “constantly sick”.

“The pills had side effects. He would feel nauseous and skip meals,” Han recalls. “He was paying $1,500 a day (£992) for a private chef, but the meals would go untouched, sat in the refrigerator wrapped in foil.”

He now says the Hollywood star only confided in a handful of his closest friends and faced threats of lawsuits from girls who wanted to cash in on his desire to keep his illness a secret.

In 2013, Han scheduled a blood test, which showed the disease was undetectable in Sheen’s blood. Encouraged by the results, Sheen continued life as normal, throwing parties with paid-for porn stars. Han said he joined in on the partying, but stopped short of having sex with any of the guests, choosing instead to entertain other party-goers while Sheen took multiple girls to his bedroom.

Han says Sheen loved to entertain his guests and make them laugh. Despite his busy schedule, he enjoyed going on holiday to places such as Iceland, Scotland, Mexico and Colombia. Throughout all of this, Han says he witnessed Sheen take drugs and drink heavily.

Regardless, Han says he has a lot of respect for his former boss. “I don’t think any one else could have done what he did, pumping out 100 episodes [of TV show Anger Management] while dealing with HIV. He’s someone I really cared about. He had done a lot for me.”

And Han defends Sheen when people ask about his supposed meltdown in 2011. “Behind the scene’s Charlie wasn’t as crazy as people might think. The so-called meltdown kind of turned into a huge publicity stunt. He wanted people to take notice, but it backfired.”

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