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Claim £40 off ILM certified training courses with Global PA – PA Life reader special offer!

PA Life has teamed up with our friends at the Global PA Association to offer readers 10 per cent off two upcoming training courses.

Project Management Skills for Executive Assistants
Taking place every Wednesday from May 26th until June 16th, from 1pm-2pm, this four-week module programme is ILM accredited and CPD certified. It will cover:-

Module 1: What is Project Management?
– Overview of key project management models
– Introduction to the theory and practices that make up Project Management
– Define what we mean by project working and how it differs from the day job
– Define what constitutes a project and how to create successful projects

Module 2: The Project Lifecycle
– Determining the approach to manage projects – The Project Lifecycle
– Understanding the 4 phases of the Project Lifecycle, Initiation, Planning, Execution and Control and Closure
– Discover how to work with each stage of the cycle
– Review your project using gate reviews, post reviews and benefit reviews

Module 3: Managing a Project or Event
– Common project management terminology
– What makes a good Project Manager
– How to break a project or event down into separate phases
– How to write a project/event plan
– Risk Management – discover how to assess the risk to your event

Module 4: LIVE Group Work. Undertake a Project Management Case Study
– Learners work in groups on managing a Project Management Case Study live online

The cost of the course is £200 + VAT for PA Life readers and includes a complimentary CPD certificate and follow-up one-to-one session with each delegate. Find out more here [LINK].

The Role of the Executive Assistant
This four-week course takes place every Thursday from May 27th until June 17th, 1pm-2pm, and is again ILM accredited and CPD certified. The course will cover:-

Module 1: Working for Directors & the Board
– How to be 10 steps ahead of your Executive
– Client Management
– Managing your Day
– Critical Thinking Skills & Problem Solving
– Time Management Questionnaire & Decision Making Style Assessment

Module 2: Strategy, Corporate Governance & Financial Awareness
– Understanding organisations and how business strategy is set
– Corporate Governance and the Role of Chairman, CEOs & Boards of Directors
– Managing Board Packs & Meetings
– Increasing your understanding of financial terminology

Module 3: People Management, Delegation & Relationship Building
– Review the fundamental aspects of People Management
– Working with Teams
– Art of Delegation
– Building Emotional Resilience
– Developing your Interview Skills
– Managing Junior Staff

Module 4: The Executive Assistant Business Partner
– Explore the qualities of a C-Suite Level Executive Assistant and how to bring those qualities into your current role
– Explore how to develop the partnership between you and your Executive
– How to Chair Meetings and represent your Executive at events
– Complete an assessment of the Qualities of a Manager
– Discover how to upgrade your professionalism and bring leadership and recognition to the EA & PA Profession

The full price of the course is £200 + VAT for PA Life readers and includes a complimentary CPD certificate and follow-up one-to-one sessions with each delegate.

To find out about the full range of Global PA training courses, click here