Concise GuestList App takes the stress out of event check-in

Concise team using the GuestList App at a PA Life event

Concise knows event check-in can be a hectic time, so here are some benefits to using their GuestList App and ways to make your guests feel like VIPs.

Check-in guests quickly and easily
GuestList streamlines the check-in process and guarantees your guests a smooth arrival. You can quickly search your attendee list and identify guests to speed them into your event. Real-time data synchronisation means you can use the app on multiple devices at various check-in points, allowing you to cope with surges of guests and last-minute changes.

Personalise the experience
Make everyone feel like a VIP and give your guests extra recognition by personalising their welcome. With GuestList, you can add notes to attendee names and give special guests the five-star treatment as soon as they arrive. The app can easily be loaded and updated with valuable data on guests, creating powerful ways to personalise their experience.

Seating Planner
GuestList now comes with a drag and drop seating planner so you can manage last-minute updates to seating arrangements onsite and keep track of their dietary requirements.

Get the info you need
Record attendance information and export your attendee data straight after the event, giving you instant access to valuable statistics. This automatic data analysis lets you get on with more pressing tasks at the office and ensure you focus on the right people to follow up.

Win £100 with a GuestList Demo
Be one of four lucky winners to receive a £100 John Lewis voucher when you or a colleague book a GuestList demo before 9 December 2016.

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Create the perfect Guest Experience at your next event with GuestList by Concise.