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The perfect Employee Welcome Pack: 7 must-have sustainable items

employee welcome pack with sustainable items

When it comes to new team members, the employee welcome pack forms part of the all-important first impression. In today’s world, that means demonstrating how you integrate sustainability into every single aspect of your workplace.

Our team at Legacy Marketplace has been putting together successful and sustainable welcome packs for a while. Here’s our view on the essentials that make the difference in welcoming new hires in a way that reflects your underlying sustainability values:

  1. A reusable mug. This is a great way to show staff that they are now part of your team. Even better if the mug comes from an organisation with a social purpose to show your commitment to sustainability
  2. An edible treat. A great way to reduce waste and make your new team member feel appreciated.
  3. A lunch box. This encourages your new team members to bring their lunch to work, avoiding wasteful packaging and saving them money.
  4. A plant. A thoughtful touch that will help your new team member connect with nature and feel more at home in the workplace. Add this sustainable pot.
  5. A notebook and pen. These are obviously useful for staying organised and there are options made from sustainable materials.
  6. A gift card to a local coffee shop or restaurant. This helps new hires to navigate their new environment and can signpost them towards more sustainable local choices.
  7. A laptop case. A sustainable laptop case would make a thoughtful gift and is likely a practical necessity for a new team member.

Here are some additional tips for creating your employee welcome pack with sustainable items. The most important thing is to choose items that are meaningful to your company, and that will help your new hire feel welcome and appreciated.

  • Personalise the box as much as possible. Include the new hire’s name, title, and department and add a personalised note from the CEO.
  • Make sure the package is well-designed and visually appealing.
  • Use sustainable packaging – so no single-use plastic – and paper tape instead of sellotape, paper ‘bubblewrap’ instead of plastic bubblewrap.
  • Keep the box light and easy to carry.
  • Deliver the box to the new hire’s desk on their first day.

By following these tips, you can create a welcome pack that will make your new hire feel appreciated and excited to start their new job.

Check our marketplace for more ideas.

At Legacy Marketplace, we offer a bespoke swag service for larger projects as well.


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