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Ditch your car on your commute for World Car Free Day!

World Car Free Day change to coach travel

Every year on the 22nd of September it’s World Car Free Day, an opportunity for people across the world to reconsider their mode of transport. It’s a chance to understand how coach travel should be considered a viable alternative that is future-proofed in achieving sustainability goals, not just for one day a year but all year round.

Coach travel is the answer to reduce your carbon footprint

The goal is to reduce pollution and encourage greener ways to travel. Choosing coach travel gives you the chance to reduce your carbon footprint no matter how far you are travelling.

Coach travel is one of the greenest ways to travel, so by choosing to book a coach you’re contributing to improving the environment around us. Just one coach-load of people can keep up to 50 cars off the roads.

A coach full of passengers takes up far less space on the road compared to alternative modes of transport. Other benefits include, congestion on the roads being reduced, parking requirements are eliminated, CO2 reductions are decisively significant and as coaches are generally allowed to use bus lanes, travel is swift and relaxing.

Just a 15% increase in coach passenger journeys by British people each year could lead to approximately 47 million fewer cars on the road, saving over a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide and significantly reducing congestion.

Reduce your businesses scope 3 emissions

Now more than ever, businesses ought to make concerted efforts to lower their carbon footprint, scope 3 emissions are indirect value-chain emissions that include transport and distribution, investment, leased assets and employee commuting. Now is the time for businesses to get ahead to reduce upstream and downstream carbon emissions where possible as it is going to be an essential factor in any business strategy as the importance of sustainability continues to grow.

Discover how National Express Transport Solutions can elevate your business value from providing optimised solutions to reduce your scope 3 emissions,  to providing private hire coaches for your businesses next event. We are here to get you on the road to being carbon neutral.


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