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Employees struggle to balance work and family

According to a new report by finance firm Scottish Widows, only one in 10 employers encourage their staff to switch off when they get home after work and most would not consider offering flexible shift patterns.

The study by the firm’s Centre for the Modern Family shows that fewer than a third of companies give employees the option of working from home part-time. Two out of five say they won’t provide flexible options because they’re worried about the impact on productivity.

In a separate poll, two in five adults say their lives are more focused on work and they often resent their employer and feel unhappy with their job. The survey shows people are spending more than nine hours a day working, compared to just three and a half hours with their family.

Anita Frew, who chairs the Centre for the Modern Family, says: “The concept of work-family balance is not new, but the pace of recent technological advancement has created a constant connection between workers and the workplace, as we face a growing expectation to always be switched on – whether in our place of work, at home with our families, or travelling between the two.

“UK workers are clearly struggling to find a happy equilibrium between work and family life, with working parents feeling the strain most acutely. At the same time, it is clear that employers could be doing more to support their workers to juggle the pressures of work and family.”

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