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Top 3 casinos in London for hosting private events

top casinos in London

Anyone who works as a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant around London knows that these roles are exciting, fast-paced and multi-faceted. Every day is usually different and can see you handling a variety of tasks for your employer.

One common part of these jobs is being asked to organize a private event on the company’s behalf in the city. This could be a party for staff at the end of the year, a charity ball to raise money for a cause the business supports or an event which brings the business together with its customers, stakeholders or corporate partners.

Even the smallest gatherings like these need careful planning to ensure they go off without a hitch. This starts right from the beginning and means choosing where to host the event is crucial. Finding somewhere which sets the correct tone but is unique can really help make it a memorable occasion for all.

One venue that should be considered for private corporate events are casinos. But why is this and which are the top three casinos in London to think about hosting an event at?

Casinos in London make for unforgettable parties

Before we look at the top three casinos in London to hire out for get-togethers, you may wonder what makes them such a great choice. To begin with, the presence of casinos in UK culture means most people are familiar with them and have something of a fascination with them. As a result, people enjoy going into casinos to see what they are about first-hand and to soak up the atmosphere.

This love for casino gaming has only grown around the country since online casino play has become a major part of life. Interestingly, this is something which we can see in places such as Greece, the Netherlands and Sweden, where iGaming has also made its mark. The best online casinos to play at in 2023 in countries like this, and the UK, show just why gaming in this way has taken off lately and how casino gaming in general has become more popular in turn.

Organising a private company event at a London casino for UK firms also enables them to offer something different to those who will attend and helps their event stand out. When you also factor in the glitz and glamour casinos add to any occasion, they are a top choice.

Here are some of the best picks for real-world casinos in the capital:

1. Hippodrome Casino

Located in London’s West End, the Hippodrome is not only one of the city’s best-known casinos, but also one of the most opulent. Easy to get to and found just above Leicester Square tube station, this makes it a great space for hosting private corporate parties.

It is also a good option because it has a range of spaces to hire within the casino depending on the size of your party. Smaller gatherings may fit into the 100-capacity rooftop area, while there are larger spaces, such as Lola’s, to hire for bigger parties. As you would expect from a top casino in London, the range of food and drink at the Hippodrome are impressive.

2. The Empire

While venues in other UK locations, such as the i360 private pod in Brighton, rightfully get plenty of attention, classic casinos such as The Empire also deserve to be celebrated in terms of corporate events.

Found in the heart of London’s bustling West End, this is another great casino to think about hiring for a private party. It offers all the glamour you would expect from a casino in the city and is finished to the highest standards.

The Empire also boasts multiple rooms to host an event in, which makes it the ideal choice for any corporate function. With plenty of fun games to check out in the casino itself and top-class food and drink, it is a fabulous option.

3. Grosvenor Casino Victoria

This easy to find casino on Edgware Road has long been known as one of the top gambling sites in London. This also makes the ideal place to host an office party or private business function. The main space for hire here is ‘The Club Room’, and it comes with the option to either dry hire or book catering as needed.

Able to hold up to 100 people, it offers a stylish night out in one of the most iconic gambling hotspots in London. In addition to top games to try at the casino itself afterwards, people can also try out games at The Poker Room found just above this venue.

Top casinos in London for private events

Although playing at online casinos is something which has really taken off in the UK and around the world lately, physical casinos still have their place. A great example of this is how real-world casinos are a great choice when choosing where to host a private corporate event.

If you are tasked with putting on this kind of event in London, the sites listed above are worth serious consideration. Booking your event at any of these casinos, will not only mean your event has a real swing to it but that it is an occasion people will remember for a long time to come.