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Ex-PA to Leonardo DiCaprio speaks up about her experience

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is a hot topic at the moment, what with finally winning the gong for Best Actor at the Oscars. Now his former PA Kasi Brown has come forward to talk about what it’s like working for the man himself – and it sounds pretty amazing.

Kasi got the job because a friend of hers was working with Leo on the sets of Catch Me If You Can and The Aviator. He mentioned he was looking for a PA, so her friend put them in touch.

From the way Kasi talks about him, he sounds like an amazing boss. “He’s extremely down to earth and he likes to share stories and life experiences with people,” she told Huffington Post. She says she would sometimes jokingly treat him like an entitled celebrity and he would tell her to stop while laughing. “He has a wicked sense of humour,” she explains.

Kasi learned a lot about the actor during her time with him, including the fact that he likes Halloween because costumes hide who he is to the outside world.

When she moved on to pursue her own acting career, Leo wrote Kasi a lovely note saying he enjoyed working with her and hoped they would keep in touch, as well as encouraging her to follow her dreams.

Anybody feeling a bit of boss envy?

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