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    ExecSec delegates spill the beans and share their secrets

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    The ExecSec Summit at Whittlebury Hall gave delegates the chance to have a break from the serious business side of the event and don some madcap disguises in a video booth, where they also answered a series of revealing questions.

    The PAs were asked about the strangest request their bosses had ever made, to which one answered: “We were on a Japanese delegation to Greece. We had a coach full of 18 Japanese ladies who decided they wanted to see a Greek supermarket and it wasn’t really on the itinerary. It was like a supermarket dash because they didn’t know where anything was.”

    Another claimed: “My boss was in Majorca when she phoned me up and asked me to literally run across the office. It’s because I worked in a TV studio and she didn’t believe we were live, so she wanted me to prove it.”

    When asked about a ‘fantasy’ CEO they’d like to work for, the usual answers were Alan Sugar, Peter Jones, Richard Branson and Oprah, although one broke the mould and said, “Ashton Kutcher, even though I know he’s only a celebrity.”

    The visitors were also asked about their most embarrassing moment. “I accidentally sent my boss to a meeting a month early,” admits one.

    To view the full video, visit tinyurl.com/nuegqh6

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