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Exercising during your lunch break

More than two million British workers exercise during their lunch break, according to global sportswear brand Helly Hansen, who surveyed 1,500 Britons who work out during their nine-to-five day.

Research found that:

?      A fifth of employees are thought to do some form of exercise during their lunch breaks.

?      Around one in 13 employees now swap their stilettos for trainers and pound the streets while their colleagues eat and chill.

?      Over the course of the year, those who do go for a lunchtime run clock up an average of 468 miles.

?      On average, most of us were found to run three miles, three times a week.

?      As well as running in their lunch hour, millions fit in spin classes, power walks and even personal trainer sessions.

?      One in ten works out with a friend.  

?      Men are most likely go for a run during their lunch hour. 

?      Women are more likely to do a diverse range of different activities from aerobics to Pilates.  

?      More than half said they felt they performed better at work after burning calories in their lunch hour.

?      More than half thought it gave a good impression to their boss that they looked after their health and fitness.  

?      A quarter said they often take more than the hour they are supposed to while nearly half don?t bother to shower afterwards.

?      The average spend on keeping their kit up to date is ?105.25 a year.

A Helly Hansen spokesman said: ?There is a definite trend of the nation?s workforce heading out on their lunch break and working up a sweat. Hectic lifestyles or feeling too worn out at the end of an arduous day in the office means the only real option is to incorporate exercise into the day. It?s all too easy to stay slumped in your chair and not move during your lunch break, but those who venture outside work return to their desk feeling reinvigorated and ready to crack on with their workload.?

?Therefore it?s good for our health and good for business?but we often find that customers are put off exercising during their lunch break because they worry about getting hot and sweaty before having to return to their desks feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed by their appearance.?

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