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Face-to-face tops preferred methods of communication

Research conducted by Loughborough University and imago has revealed that those attending meetings and the meetings organisers of the future gain more from being face-to-face with their peers over other methods of communications.

The results of the research conducted in conjunction with The Right Solution show 96.9% of delegates favoured face-to-face communication. In particular, they preferred face-to-face meetings of fewer than 10 participants. Students said they gained more value from their learning experience by being face-to-face in the form of tutorials (81.4%) compared to working online or independently.

Students, delegates and organisers all agreed that a face-to-face meeting had more value compared to conference calls, emails and other form of communication.

The research identified 31 positive aspects of face-to-face communication, including:
Fresh ways of thinking
Team unity
Investment in employees

The final research paper is available to download for free from