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Five etiquette tips for a casual office

The rise of a new generation of business people means offices are getting more relaxed by the day. However, it’s important to remember to stay professional no mater how casual your workplace is. Here, Mashable’s Jason Kulpa gives his top five tips for relaxed etiquette.

1 Understand your company
Before you interview for a job – and certainly before your first day at the office – research the company to come prepared with relevant questions. Ask about the company culture to ensure it’s one you’re comfortable with.

2 Be real
Authenticity is the best policy for the office. Your colleagues will appreciate humour and honesty, as well as your individuality.

3 Be courteous
Treat this job as any other despite the relaxed environment. Dress to impress, polish your CV, make eye contact when you shake hands and work on creating complete social media profiles.

4 Be adaptable
Show a willingness to pick up new skills and take on more work when it’s needed. Contribute where you can and volunteer for extra projects to impress your boss.

5 Keep up the good work
Even a casual office has to maintain a certain level of output, so be aware of your deadlines and keep up with the company’s productivity standards.

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