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Four ways to beat stress at work

Online business magazine Kipp Report recently conducted a poll of its readers to find out how they deal with stress. The results show that 72% panic in stressful situations, while the other 28% keep their chin up and do what needs to be done. As a result, the magazine’s experts wrote four top tips for dealing with stress at the office.

1 Breathe: Take a moment away from the situation to reset your mind. Go for a walk around the office or step outside for a breath of fresh air and come back with a new perspective.

2 Plan: Sometimes it’s best to get an overview of all the work you need to do and form a plan of action to get it all done in whatever way works for you.

3 Socialise: Don’t be afraid to switch off for a few minutes to catch up with a colleague or even call a friend outside of work who’s not connected to what you’re doing.

4 Get active: Stress manifests itself in many ways, including as a build-up of tension in your muscles – especially for those who sit at a desk all day. If you feel tense, stand up and stretch to loosen up.

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