Heat up your business lunch meetings with Yolk

A new fine dining delivery service is now bringing London’s best restaurants to businesses.

Yolk launched just a few weeks ago and boasts an industry-first heating system delivering the city’s best restaurants to corporates as the chefs intend – perfectly presented, fresh and hot.

The heating plate technology and specially trained riders that act like waiters ensure high-quality restaurant food is kept at optimum temperature in transit so that when it reaches your office, you need not to worry about lacklustre temperature or presentation. Yolk is proud that it is able to deliver some of London’s best restaurants including Park Chinois, STK and Aquavit to offices up to five miles away.

Operating exclusively in the centre of London, Yolk is an app designed to offer a more personalised corporate concierge service delivering luxury restaurants. Users are assured of an on-demand, fine dining experience that matches the standards of the capital’s best restaurants, taking in-office dining with colleagues and prospects to the next level. Yolk’s ambition: to deliver the same standard and high-quality food as found when eating in a restaurant.

Founder Bernardo Braga is a young tech entrepreneur with a passion for the best cuisine. Inspired by his own food-delivery experiences in London, he set out to revolutionise the existing offerings.

He said: “During lockdown, food delivery services became more popular than ever. In reality though, too often the exemplary cuisine being produced by London’s best chefs and restaurants is let down by the final step of bringing it to your door. As we return to the office, Yolk was born to change this, delivering the very finest of food exactly as you would expect to see it presented in a restaurant – it’s like having your very own chef. I am pleased to say that Yolk is also contributing to the smooth continuation of office lunches and client meetings beyond the crisis by providing the finest quality delivery service has arrived in London.”

Yolk’s unique and versatile heating systems for its delivery bikes guarantees this promise. Using silicone heat mats exclusive to Yolk, food is maintained at exact temperatures. Adjustable trays are configured to suit the size of the dish ordered and the flexible heaters are connected to the bike’s battery to keep it at the constant temperature chosen by the chef as it leaves the kitchen, whether that is hot, up to 60°c, or chilled, down to 15°c. Yolk has also launched in-app temperature tracking, so users can tell the exact temperature of their food whilst in transit. For chefs, it gives the confidence that their food will be showcased at its very best upon arrival.

The fleet of Yolk riders are trained to exacting standards, understanding that dishes are a work of art and are to be treated carefully as such.

Yolk has partnered with a selection of London’s most prestigious, in-demand and acclaimed restaurants for its launch:

  • ArrosQD
  • Aquavit
  • Bao Yum
  • BeniHana
  • Bombay Brasserie
  • C London
  • Crazy Pizza
  • Le Deli Robuchon
  • Hideaway
  • IT London
  • Jean-Georges at the Connaught
  • Park Chinois
  • Ruya London
  • SeaSons
  • STK
  • Sumosan

The app itself uses intuitive technology that makes it easy to select the dishes users are craving, or be inspired by new tastes they may not have considered. A ‘search bar’ feature is available to browse by area, cuisine or even by a specific restaurant. The app remembers previous orders to easily re-order favourite meals, while a growing number of partners in luxury wines and spirits make it easy to add-on the perfect accompaniment to any dish.

Yolk launched in partnership with The Felix Project, the London-based food redistribution charity which collects surplus fresh, nutritious food and delivers it to charities and schools to provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in society. For every Yolk delivery, The Felix Project will provide six meals.

You can download the Yolk app in the App Store and on Google Play.