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How the EA role has evolved

The evolution of the EA role

The role of PAs and EAs is still widely misunderstood and many people think they’re simply glorified secretaries. However, it has become a valuable career with progression opportunities, according to Sarah Daffy.

Sarah, writing for her employer News Corp’s Australian Daily Telegraph, says people should never underestimate the power of the executive assistant. “The job requires a high level of intellect, professionalism and resilience,” she comments. “Often times your intelligence needs to match that of your boss and you need to be three steps ahead of them at all times. It’s just as rewarding as it is exhausting.

She believes the digital era has been the driving force behind the evolution of the role, with large companies tripling productivity and reshaping the way in which they operate. Because of this, an executive needs somebody they can depend on to work alongside them.

“The secretary who used to sit on the end of the phone opening mail and making coffee doesn’t cut it anymore,” Sarah says. “Power players need a smart assistant they can rely on to oversee much larger responsibilities. Someone who can think for them and de-clutter their brain.”

Successful EAs know what their boss is thinking before they’ve thought it, according to Sarah, and it’s their job to offer help before a request is made. They have to be their exec’s shadow and will become an indispensible part of their boss’s daily life.

So the next time somebody says you’re “just a secretary”, be sure to tell them what you’re really worth to your company.

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