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How to choose a business gift

How to: choose a business gift

A lot of preparation goes into sourcing the perfect corporate gift. Here Lydia Fallaize, corporate sales manager at Dartington Crystal, lifts the lid on some of her top tips to ensure you find the right present, whatever the occasion.

Whether it’s a retirement gift, achievement award or something to say “thank you” to staff or clients, everyone wants to give something that will be appreciated and valued, but also reflects well of the gift-giver too. With a huge array of gift options available on the market it can be a hard choice to make.

The recipient
Whether it’s a special gift for an individual or a token of appreciation for a larger group, think about what they are most likely to enjoy. Age, gender, personal style and cultural influences are all factors to consider when purchasing. For example, think about if they will like it, use it and admire you for choosing it for them. Does it need to be personalised in some way to make it a special item they could not otherwise buy in a shop? Do a bit of research on them and consider what is a realistic budget.

The supplier
Work with suppliers that have specialist experience and can help guide your choice and offer different options to meet your budget. Ask for trade terms and any special discounts for volume. The job of sourcing gifts is often for a time specific event, but can sometimes be a ‘last minute’ decision, so ensure they can reliably meet your deadline and service requirements.

Think about how the gift will be presented and allow sufficient time and budget for any gift wrapping or special packaging. Will the gifts be delivered to one location or do you need them to be sent to multiple addresses? If shipping outside of the UK then allow extra time for delivery. Most good suppliers will use a tracked delivery service and if something does go wrong, will be ready and able to quickly put it right.

Making the ‘right’ choice should help the gift-giver and receiver feel appreciated.

Lydia Fallaize

Lydia Fallaize