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How to Deal with Difficult People

How To Deal With Difficult People: smart tactics for overcoming the problem people in your life – Gill Hasson (Wiley, £10.99)

As a person who hates confrontation, I thought this would be a good read and I wasn’t disappointed. The definition of a “difficult” person is hard to narrow down, so the author spends the first chapter describing the kinds of people who typically cause problems in both professional and personal settings. She then asks you to look at how you respond to others before giving some useful tips on communicating with them.

The second section of the book shows you how to put Hasson’s advice to work, detailing examples of difficult situations and the best way to handle them, starting with effective communication and how to stand up for yourself. She ends with a statement that I whole-heartedly agree with – that some people are impossible to please and we just have to deal with it. Everything Hasson writes about is practical and easy to understand, making it ideal for anybody like me who sometimes finds it hard to talk to people.

Molly Dyson, Features Writer, PA Life