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How to survive your office Christmas party

Most people look forward to the company Christmas party as an opportunity to unwind and get to know their colleagues better. But for some, the holiday season brings dread and it’s hard to get into the spirit at work. Business expert Christine Comaford says there’s still a way to make the most of the celebrations.

Writing for Forbes, Comaford says employees can look forward to three things at the company Christmas do: fun, mingling and building rapport. However, if that prospect still doesn’t get you in the mood, she has developed six steps to get the outcome you want out of the party.

1 What would you like? To have fun and celebrate the holidays and the past year with your colleagues.

2 What will having that do for you? It’ll help you relax and enjoy the company of your colleagues.

3 How will you know when you have it? When you’re laughing and have relaxed conversations.

4 Where, when and with whom do you want this? At the company party this week with your team members, peers and your boss.

5 What of value might you risk or lose, or what side effects may occur? You might lose a bit of your ego and confidence by having to put on a festive jumper or let down your walls to have fun.

6 What are your next steps? Let go of your worries and have fun; find the ugliest jumper you can and get involved by baking some festive treats or joining your colleagues on the dance floor.

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