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How work is affecting your mental health

Saturday 10th October was World Mental Health Day, hosted by the World Federation of Mental Health.


Mental illness is varied and extremely complicated – and one element that is too often dismissed is stress. These problems are a major cause of presenteeism, which can be described as the practice of remaining in work, even when an employee is unwell, resulting in decreased productivity. 


A summary of the stats from the Mental Health Foundation explains the true extent of the problem:


  • A 2008 review commissioned by the Health Work and Wellbeing Programme highlighted that symptoms associated with mental health problems (e.g. sleep problems, fatigue, irritability and worry) affect one sixth of the working-age population of Great Britain at any one time and can impair a person’s ability to function at work.


  • A 2006 meta-analysis exploring the associations between psychosocial work stressors and common mental health problems found that; 1. high demands at work, 2. reduced autonomy in decision making, 3. high efforts and 4. low rewards often resulted in stress, and were associated with common mental health problems.

We all need a little time to switch off our brains and find some calm – so here are 3 simple suggestions that could help – through a good book, podcast or app:


Try a de-stressing adult colouring book  – yes really, colouring is not just for children. They are said to be a brilliant way to help you unwind after a busy day, or when needing a 10 minute break during the working day – many professionals believe them to be a calming influence when overwhelmed with a business schedule.


The Mental Health foundation has a selection of podcasts for all manner of issues including Stress and Relaxation: Full Works – designed to give you techniques for easing every day pressures. Stress and the mind: Quick Fix Relaxation Exercise has some quick relaxation and breathing exercises which you can do anywhere to help clear your mind.



Download Karmic, the daily deed app – this gives you small, achievable tasks that encourage you to help those around you. The Karmic community live by the code that what you do comes back to you.


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