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Instant Motivation

Instant Motivation – Chantal Burns (Pearson, £12.99)

The surprising truth about this book is that the title doesn’t match the subject matter. This is not to say it isn’t good; it is and I found it interesting, informative and thought provoking. It’s more for those interested in how your mind works.

Burns draws on her 15 years’ experience as a leadership coach to explain how “perception is reality” and how great performance starts in the mind. Using case studies, research and her own story, she provides an insight into how our responses, behaviours and actions are generated by our own thinking.

Our state of mind colours our response to the world. Because of this, we can choose to change the way we react at any time. Burns provides an index (a free online tool) that she encourages you to use before and after you read the book. My index definitely changed and I felt I had gained some insight into how my mind works.

Kathleen Drum, Assistant to the Chief of Staff, Crossrail