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Judge dismisses PA lawsuit against Brooke Mueller

A Los Angeles judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed against Brooke Mueller, ex-wife of actor Charlie Sheen by a personal assistant who sought back wages. The PA also claims he was forced to work for the actress for up to 130 hours a week.

However, Lior Masaphor could bring his case to court again because the order issue by Superior Court Judge Joseph Kalin was “without prejudice”. A record of minutes released on Tuesday states that the judge threw the case out because Masaphor’s attorney failed to show up in court as ordered by another judge during a prior hearing in August.

Masaphor sought compensation for allegedly unpaid overtime, as well as missed meals and rest breaks in his original lawsuit filed in August 2014. According to the complaint, Masaphor worked seven days a week during most of his employment but only received a flat salary of $2,400. His wages were as such calculated at $4.47 per hour even though the national minimum wage in the US was $7.25 at the time. He says he agreed to so many hours because he “desperately needed a job at that time”.

The lawyer, Mac Nehoray, previously alleged that he was unable to serve Mueller with a copy of the lawsuit because she lives in a gated community, but said he would use an alternative method of publishing the notice to the actress.

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