Last chance to vote for PA SuperAchievers

Pitman SuperAchievers Award

The international online awards the Pitman SuperAchievers is coming to a close as it reaches its final week, with the awards recognising those who have a positive impact on their colleagues, family and local economy with categories ranging from ‘PA of the year’ to the newly introduced ‘Boss of the Year’.

Many across the UK run the risk of being too modest, according to a survey by Pitman Training, which claims that a quarter of workers may be suffering from too much ‘Britishness’ as they hide their talents away from the limelight. The judging panel is made of industry experts and winners of previous years, including judge Lucy Brazier, who is encouraging workers not to shy away from their achievements.

“I’d urge people to nominate themselves, as well as others and rid the Britishness of modesty to instead celebrate success,” she said, as you can nominate from a number of new categories, including Working Mum/Dad of the Year, and Inspirational Achiever of the Year, to highlight those who make a difference to the work and outside community.

The addition of Employer of the Year comes after many previous SuperAchiever winners credited the company culture and support of their bosses for what they had achieved. This year Pitman hopes employees will also nominate the employers who inspire them so they can showcase those who are shining examples of supportive environments enabling staff to grow.

Last year’s reigning ‘PA of the Year’ Jennifer Corcoran is supporting the awards; Jennifer herself has had experience of not only winning the title category last year, but also creating new business opportunities for herself after having taken various courses over the last few years. After setting up her own business last year, she is now embarking on a new career path in her 40s, widening her scope from being a PA to a virtual assistant and consultant who will specialise in social media and online impact reviews, helping professionals and entrepreneurs make more of an impact on social media.

“Winning Pitman’s SuperAchiever PA of the Year Award has greatly increased my confidence, profile and network,” said Jennifer. “Assistants for the most part are used to being in the background and helping others shine and this was my proud moment where I could reflect on my achievements and contribution.

You can read Jennifer’s story as last year’s winner here, and you can access the awards for free at