Majority of Brits claim to be tech-savvy but cling to old-fashioned job hunting habits

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Jobseekers are not taking advantage of technology when it comes to applying for jobs, which is preventing companies saving time and money when recruiting.


Three in four (78%) Brits describe themselves as ‘tech-savvy’– adopters and users of all things digital. However, this tech-enthusiasm has not crossed into the world of job-seeking, with just 15% in the UK claiming to have used digital tools to apply for a new role.

To bridge this technology-adoption gap, Foosle has launched a pioneering approach to get candidates using video interviewing. The guide uses behavioural science principles like social norms; reciprocity, messenger and more to help employers and recruiters influence candidates to embrace video interviewing as a new part of the job application process.

Foosle’s research revealed that younger generations aren’t as tech-forward as expected when it comes to applying for jobs, even in comparison to older generations:

·      Nine in ten (89%) millennialsdescribe themselves as tech-savvy. However, a very small proportion of these jobseekers have used digital-video methods to apply for jobs.

·      Fewer than one in ten (8%) millennials have recorded a video interview or participated in a live job interview via Skype.

·      Meanwhile, 7% of an older generation (45-55 year olds) can claim the same, dispelling myths that millennials are more digitally resourceful on the job hunt.

A higher proportion of these jobseekers are still using more traditional means to apply for jobs. CVs and covering letters are used by three in four (74%) millennials and 40% use networking to seek out job opportunities.

Despite the slow adoption of digital job applications, millennial candidates are keen to reap the benefits they offer. Two in five (43%) think that an opportunity to show off their personality or demonstrate the ability to think on the spot (44%) would help them land the job. Both of these benefits can be achieved with video interviewing, a tool just 2% of millennials have used.


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