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Not “Just an Admin!”

Not Just an Admin cover

Not “Just an Admin!” – Peggy Vasquez
(Turning Point International, £15)

This book takes you through the author’s personal and professional life, from starting out in her career to her current role as a chief executive assistant. The section on the power of partnerships is written in an easy-to-digest manner and the author covers all angles of working styles, which I found especially useful.

Meanwhile, “Learning About Your Team” helps you realise that not everyone works the same way as you and shows how you can adapt your style to improve interpersonal relationships. The chapters entitled “Your Image is You” and “The Power of Gratitude” are also well written.

The book has famous anecdotes throughout that apply to both your work and home life, so there’s a light-hearted feel about it.

Rather than being a self-help book, this is a semiautobiographical story written as a piece of advice. I love the honesty that comes across in the writing and feel I’ve been on a journey with Peggy.

Julia Roberston-Avenell, Senior Administrator, Hays