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Office management development – an appetite to learn

Office managers are busy bees, sometimes managing up to 25 different remits from accounting and IT to events. To help support these staff members, the Black & White Office Consultancy has launched its own Office Management Portal as a go to resource for office managers. Hana Gray from Black & White Office Consultancy reveals how it works

Office managers are one of the most over-looked and underdeveloped professions; why is this and what can you do if you are in such a role or looking to progress into one, to ensure your development is priority?

A study in June 2017 showed those in office management support over 25 different remits from facilities and accounting, to events, IT and business continuity. Yet, we also found there’s little to no relevant training or support for these roles and that the appetite to develop is high.

Budget constraints are an additional playing factor, however companies who develop their office manager will save time, money and ensure retention. When individuals have such variety and responsibility in their role, it’s crucial to ensure they’re able to continually learn and grow.

To progress into this role, assess what responsibilities you currently have and to what extent; e.g. if you are charged with ordering stationery are you also responsible for managing the budget and deciding the contract and service provider? If not, is this something that could be allocated to you.

When developing within the role, have this point on the list for your manager catch-ups – are there new areas you can take on or support, and are there items you can pass to a junior to manage, freeing up capacity. It’s fortunate perhaps, that in such roles there’s dozens of areas handed to you, so it really is key to identify the ones you want to explore and grow in as well as those that will provide the maximum output for your business.

We know these roles are key and need support, which is why we created The Office Management Portal. A go to resource for office managers providing access to continually develop. Sign-up here for free: