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Office workers prone to weight gain and back pain

One in five office workers say they have put on at least a stone in weight over the last year and most believe sitting at their desk all day is affecting their health, according to a study by audio communications firm Plantronics.

The survey reveals that three out of four employees only leave their desk to go to the toilet or make a cup of tea. A third do an hour or less of exercise a week, but most say they would like to spend more time on fitness.The most common complaint reported by office workers include weight gain, while two out of five suffer from constant back and neck pain.

Paul Clark of Plantronics says: “The line between work and play has blurred in recent years thanks to the rise of flexible, mobile and remote working.

“However, as our stats show, office workers feel increasingly tied to their desks. A healthy workforce is a happy workforce.”


Having trouble getting in some exercise around work? There are ways to turn aspects of your day into fitness opportunities.

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