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PA bridesmaids for hire?

With the cost of a wedding in the UK averaging out at ?21,000, it is little wonder that brides and grooms – and their families – are looking for any way possible to make sure the day goes off without any worries.

Sometimes, though, best men and bridesmaids can?t, won?t or don?t fulfil their tasks to a standard befitting of the ?special day?. Which is why Jen Glantz in New York decided to fill a gap in the market.

Speaking to CBS New York, Glantz said: ?There was nobody behind the scenes who was supposed to be there just for the bride, and that was crazy to me, it should be all about the bride.?

Glantz said she is offering her services to tend to the personal details, so the real wedding group can party. ?I?m the personal assistant; the on-call therapist; the peacekeeper to the whole bridal party,? she added.

So does it work?

Newlywed Bryn Meuller hired Glantz as a bridesmaid. ?Initially, I felt weird about, oh, I have to pay someone to be my bridesmaid?? Meuller said. But with Meuller?s friends and family all living out of town, the personal ?bridesmaid? assistant seemed the logical choice.

?She was there to take control of all the little things that went awry,? Meuller said. Glantz was even there to fix the bride?s veil for her trip down the aisle.

The cost for each of the services starts between ?190 and ?320, and depending on your needs can run into the thousands.

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