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      PA Life Club: Last chance to earn a £20 Amazon voucher

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      PA Life Club members, today is your last chance to earn a £20 Amazon gift voucher for every new PA Life Club member you recommend before midnight, December 21. 

      Terms of your recommendation:

      • The recommended friend must actively book onto the club and make payment for us to process the offer by December 21, 2018.
      • Recommendations must state an existing member’s name and place of work when joining the club – we will not be able to backdate any pre-existing memberships.
      • The offer is exclusively for PAs, EAs and VAs.
      • You will receive one £20 Amazon gift voucher per new member.
      • The final booking day is December 21, 2018. Recommendations and payments after this day will not result in a voucher.
      • Vouchers will be given to current PA Life Club members only.

      If you would like to recommend a friend to become a PA Life Club Member, please contact:

      Freddi Jackson: 01992 666720   email: F.Jackson@forumevents.co.uk


      Laura Spratt: 01992 374053 email: l.spratt@forumevents.co.uk

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