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CitySuites introduces PA Treats

Tired of the loyalty points going to someone else? Want to be rewarded for all the corporate bookings you make? Introducing PA Treats at CitySuites, Manchester’s number one choice for business accommodation.

Unlike other loyalty programmes that reward the guest, CitySuites wants to look after you, the all-important travel booker. After all, why shouldn’t you benefit from all the hard work you put in to sourcing the perfect business accommodation?

Unlike other loyalty schemes, you don’t have to worry about counting points or making a minimum number of bookings to be rewarded. CitySuites will give you a personalised reward every time you make a booking. So whether you book accommodation every week or just now and again, you get the same benefits. And the best part? Every single reward is chosen by you!

It’s so simple to join
Simply sign up for PA Treats at CitySuites at and enjoy the perks of a loyalty programme designed by you.

Tell the CitySuites team some of your favourite things and they’ll treat you when you book. Plus, as well as regular treats, CitySuites guarantees you our lowest rates when you book direct.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today.

Want to try before you buy?
No problem; CitySuites understands how important it is to trust who you do business with. So come and visit the property, enjoy a coffee and see for yourself why CitySuites is Manchester’s number one choice for business accommodation.

Click here to book a viewing or for more information about CitySuites.

What are you waiting for? Start earning your rewards today.

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