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Remote employees 87% more likely to love their job

Training firm Leadership IQ recently surveyed employees and found that telecommuters are 87% more likely to say they love their job than their office-bound counterparts.

Only 24% of people based at their company’s office say they love their jobs, while 38% of mobile workers and 45% of telecommuters report being happy.The survey asked participants to say how they usually work (ie in an office, mobile, or telecommute) and then how they feel about their job (love, like, tolerate, dislike, or hate it). While office workers are the least likely to ‘love’ their job, they’re more likely to ‘like’ it than remote employees.

Debunking the idea of remote workers sitting at home in their pyjamas, the survey asked what people’s ambition is and 71% of telecommuters say being ‘average’ at work is not enough for them, compared to 65% of office workers. They’re also more likely to hit deadlines than their counterparts.

You can take Leadership IQ’s quiz, ‘Is your personality suited to working remotely or in the office?’ HERE.

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