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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Carlo Scotto’s Amethyst in Mayfair


Carlo Scotto’s new restaurant Amethyst is a gastronomic experience worth adding to your black book under ‘exceptional dinners and lunches’. Our Editor ate her way through the 12-course tasting menu.

I was really looking forward to dining at the much praised Neapolitan chef Carlo Scotto’s new restaurant in the heart of Mayfair’s fine-dining scene. Carlo has built his reputation as an incredibly creative chef behind truly original tasting menus he developed at his first solo restaurant Xier (closed during the pandemic). He was only 13 year of age when he got his first apprenticeship under a Michelin star chef!

12-course tasting menu by the Chef’s Table

The name Amethyst extends itself to more than the brand; the whole dining experience in the ground floor restaurant area is built around a unique chef’s table, decorate with a striking real Amethyst stripe running in the middle (Carlo’s birthstone) and designed cleverly to host couples and small groups within their own sections, and still enjoying the communal feel but with plenty of privacy for intimate conversations. The chef’s table can accommodate up to 21 guests, all seats have a good view into the open kitchen and to Carlo’s station at the front, where the chefs work harmoniously creating an almost theatrical atmosphere that’s very intimate and engaging.

Upon arrival at this very unassuming looking restaurant from the outside, we were greeted to a sleek and pleasantly unique interior. The friendly front-of-house team and sommelier Filippo Carnevale run through details of the evening’s tasting menu and how they will be prepared by Carlo and his team, and also what wines had been paired with the 12-courses to follow. We knew then that we were in for an amazing treat. I’m glad to add that the evening managed to exceed even our highest expectations.

I won’t be able to describe in detail each dish, and the expertly chosen wine that enhanced the experience, so I will pick a couple of my absolute favourites out and add that every dish delighted with its intricate balance of layers of flavours, influenced mainly by Japanese and Asian cuisines, with hint of Scandinavian, African and naturally Italian flavours and ingredients too, all based on the best seasonal British produce.

The first course of oysters splashed with tomato-fermented sake; Moroccan pastry brushed with spiced honey; and an unbelievably light and crispy croquette laced with liquorice set the scene perfectly – served with a wonderful sparkling wine from Kent. I also have to pick the scallops with caviar, galangal and Matsu take – melt in the mouth scallops with incredible flavours, and I also simply loved the burned hay black cod. I would also recommend choosing the wine pairing with your tasting menu.

Amethyst also offers a three and five-course lunch, alongside a six-course tasting menu, but if you have time, and arrive hungry for a big meal, do enjoy the 12-course menu for a star quality experience not easily matched even in Mayfair.

There’s more… experience the wine cellar

On the lower ground floor, the wine cellar showcases Amethyst’s extensive collection of fine and rare vintages and also offers a six-course tasting menu option in addition to the 12-courses. Tasting menus are always excellently matched with wines, and diners can choose from the Classic wine pairing or, for a truly elevated experience, the Prestige selection.

For a unique experience designed for special occasions, the Chef’s Table can be booked exclusively for private dinners for up to 21 diners, tailored to your tastes and event. The Wine Cellar can also be booked for dinners of up to 16 or drinks and canapé parties of 30.

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