• Rhubarb partners with Heston Blumenthal

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    Go for low-GI foods, lots of protein and don’t worry too much about fat, it’s actually good for you and far easier for the body to process than sugar or carbs. This was the advice on what makes the ideal lunch straight from the mouth of über-inventive, Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal when he spoke earlier this month to PA Life Editor Colette Doyle.

    Heston was attending the launch of the Sky Garden, located on the top three floors of 20 Fenchurch Street. The stunning new venue opens next summer and will be exclusively operated by corporate event caterer Rhubarb, which has teamed up with Heston to offer bespoke events. 

    PA Life caught up with Heston to ask him what makes the most nutritious type of lunch for busy PAs. “Protein all the way – if you’re having a sandwich, ditch half the bread and have a filling like smoked salmon or roast beef, or go for Caesar Salad without the croutons,” said the popular TV chef, who is also the owner of The Fat Duck, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Bray, Berkshire.

    When it comes to things to avoid at lunch, Heston advises foregoing fruit juice or coffee – “black coffee has too much cortisol [which in turn can promote weight gain] and lattes, cappuccinos and juice have way too much sugar and that’s a killer”. On a personal note, when it comes to a lunchtime beverage Heston prefers a nice cup of tea and also confesses to a liking for protein bars while on the go.

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