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Should your Christmas party venue be chosen for its ‘Elfie’ opportunities?

Christmas Party

I imagine that by this point in the year that many of you have already booked a venue for the work Christmas party but in a world where everyone is selfie-obsessed, picking the perfect venue means that it needs to have the perfect picture moment. From custom decorations to a giant tree with gifts underneath, planning a work Christmas party just got a lot more complicated…

Christmas decorations are the focal point of many photos in venues during the festive season.

A survey of 1,000 UK consumers carried out by Christmas Tree World has revealed that they upload seven photos on average of themselves in front of Christmas trees, decorations and displays throughout the Christmas period.

In fact, one in three said that Christmas trees are the main backdrop for taking photos in bars, restaurants, pubs, shopping centres and other leisure venues at Christmas time.

When quizzed further on the pictures they take during the festive celebrations, 19 per cent admitted they ask other people to take images of their families and friends in front of Christmas trees, decorations and displays in a venue. With more than one in nine (12%) saying that they take selfies in front of Christmas trees and displays in leisure venues.

An additional one in ten of those surveyed confessed to choosing a venue simply based on whether the Christmas tree and decorations would be good for photos.

The research also revealed the positive impact consumers taking selfies in front of festive decorations can have for businesses – 21% said they share the photographs with friends. Almost one in five (19%) said they will share these pictures with their social networks and beyond via social media, meaning the potential for brand exposure is massive.

Stephen Evans, managing director, Christmas Tree World, said: “It’s clear to see that consumers are keen to upload pictures to social media of them in front of Christmas trees, decorations and displays over the festive period when they are in leisure venues. From taking selfies alone or with friends and family, the suitability of a venue for photos is clearly a key point of consideration for Brits.

“Businesses should see this a real opportunity to gain more exposure and raise their brand awareness. Thanks to the photographs being shared among family and also on social media, this only presents an opportunity to gain exposure among their customers’ social networks. By dressing the venue with impressive decorations, hospitality venues will be able to have a serious impact on consumers.”