Time to show you care with GiftRound

It’s a challenging time to connect with each other yet increasingly we’re all finding online solutions.  

GiftRound is an online service that has been changing the way people organise the office whip round. GiftRound provides a quick, hassle-free and secure way to collect money for gifts both at work and with friends and family. Collection organisers can easily create a collection, invite people to contribute and purchase a gift. 

Here’s what a few GiftRound customers say:

“Thank you GiftRound for enabling us to contribute to a friend’s recent birthday collection with such ease. So convenient and very special to watch the recipient ‘open’ their gift during a virtual party. Super service!”

“What a gift of a platform. Super user friendly; from setting up the collection to requesting a payout and giving the gift. We used it to collect for a birthday gift and were able to give the gift while having a virtual birthday party. GiftRound is the perfect answer to one of the many problems we are facing, just now, during lockdown.”

“GiftRound made the collection for end of year gifts for our class teachers super smooth this year. Thank you! Have recommended the service to other classes at the school and I’ll be looking into using this at work too.”   

It’s super easy so if you’re part of a team that normally likes to celebrate together and show that you care then don’t let working from home during lockdown stop you!

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