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Spa Medical joins third PA Life Masterclass

Spa Medical is set to take part in the third PA Life Masterclass this year, which will have a key focus on rewards and incentives.

Taking place at JJ Media Group’s Perseverance Works in Shoreditch on October 17, the firm will lead a discussion on employee wellness.

Damien Cominos, MD and HCPC paramedic at Spa Medical Services, will reveal why wellness is not only good for employees, but why employers should strive to make their team healthy and happy at work.

On the day, guests will be given more information about mental health and why this shouldn’t be ignored, the importance of physical health, and occupational health versus employee wellness.

“We have only recently started working with PA life but from the outset I was impressed by the brand’s professionalism and diligence. I would be happy to recommend PA life to any other business in the future,” Cominos told PA Life.

If you are a PA Life Club member, it is completely free to attend this event. Just contact Freddi Jackson now to secure your space.

Alternatively, if you are not a member tickets are priced at £118 (including VAT) each. You can purchase your’s here now.

If you would like to host a roundtable on the day to promote your rewards and incentives ideas, then contact Charlotte Russell now.

Plus, on the day there will also be a luxury brand showcase to take part in. To take part and sponsor the showcase, contact Charlotte Russell now.