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    SUMMER PARTIES: Engage staff and motivate teams with streamed entertainment!

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    ‘Laughter is contagious. The more laughter you bring into your life the happier those around you will feel’.

    At Take the Mike, they believe a good laugh boosts the immune system and energises staff during lockdown!

    So, they have lined up leading West End comedians for a stand-up comedy show special to benefit your organisation and its staff.


    Employees simply login through Zoom and can enjoy live performances safely from home.

    This laugh-in, show takes place on Friday 19th March 2021 at 8pm with the aim to engage and motivate staff, and boost productivity during challenging times. Dare you miss it?

    At Take the Mike, they believe timely rewards or incentives can make the difference to improving productivity and staff wellbeing within your sector. They can stream corporate events to celebrate achievement, reward loyalty or build teamwork. The choice is yours!

    To reserve tickets to this stand-up comedy show featuring West End comedians please contact Take the Mike today:

    Phone: 0207 263 1587

    Email: info@takethemikelimited.co.uk

    *Login details provided prior to the show.

    For details of additional incentives to benefit your organisation and staff during lockdown please visit http://www.takethemikelimited.co.uk.

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