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AI headshots trend on TikTok has HR experts warning of risks

AI headshots

In the newest wave of AI trends, TikTok users are sharing how they’re creating professional headshots using the AI image-generating app, Remini. 

#aiheadshots has over 3.1 million views and counting with over 2.6 million views on some of the most popular videos which show users how to create professional LinkedIn headshots in minutes. 

This low cost option has millions of professionals giving the tool a go to revamp their LinkedIn profile but what do you need to watch out for?

HR experts from flexible study providers DLC Training who specialise in CIPD HR courses share their thoughts on the trend and share a warning with those keen to give it a go.

Neil Finegan, industry-expert tutor from DLC Training explains:

“Like any trend which can impact your career, it’s important for users to weigh up the benefits as well as look at any larger problems which might arise.

“Using AI image-generating apps for your next LinkedIn headshot is a much quicker option than paying hefty fees for a professional photographer, new business attire and or hair and makeup. That means that the trend could open up new opportunities for young professionals who might be strapped for cash but still want to present professionally online.” 

AI headshots trend with HR expert warning

Despite the potential opportunities, Neil shares a warning:

“Be careful with the images you’re choosing to represent yourself or your business online. As many of these hilarious videos have shown it’s all too easy for AI image generators to go wrong with some nightmarish results. Always do a thorough check of the final image to make sure there are no subtle or glaring mistakes to avoid potential embarrassment with a future or current employer”. 

Check your user rights

As user @gracesplace explains in her viral video with over 170k likes it’s crucial that you check any terms and conditions as well as app permissions before uploading any of your own images. Neil explains “Always read the T&Cs when using image-generating apps or tools. This will give you a clear understanding of usage and ownership rights. Some platforms may even retain the rights to the generated images so always make sure you check the small print.”

Using AI-generated headshots can also raise concerns about authenticity and originality which are important to consider especially if you’re on the hunt for a new job. “While AI is great at creating visually pleasing images by analysing data and patterns, these kinds of images can lack the human touch and personal element which might help you stand out from the crowd” says Neil. 

Summarising his final thoughts on the AI headshot trend Neil says “While it might be worth trying out and giving your LinkedIn profile a quick update, always use your instinct and common sense when it comes to relying on AI-generated images. Make sure you know the privacy and usage limitations of any tools you’re using. 

“If in doubt, stick to an authentic image which will help you put your best foot forward! Hiring managers and colleagues will be much more impressed with a genuine image that might be a little bit imperfect over a characterless AI version.” 

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