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The 10 highest paying companies in the UK

83% of Brits wouldn't tell their boss if they win the lottery

The average UK salary is still well below £30,000, although some industries pay better than others and the gender gap carries its own frightening statistics. Some firms tend to compensate employees very well, as Glassdoor has released a list of the 10 highest paying companies in the UK.

These companies – many of them international – typically pay a median salary of between £73,000 and £90,000. That’s higher than the pay package for MPs. Which firms are these? Interestingly, they fall into just three industries: tech, banking and consulting.

The 10 highest paying companies in the UK:
1 Software company SAP (median salary of £90,000)
2 Data solutions provider EMC
3 Global consultant McKinsey & Company
4 Boston Consulting Group
5 Facebook (media salary of £79,500)
6 Deutsche Bank
7 Nomura International
8 Cisco Systems
9 Google
10 BNP Paribas (median salary of £73,000)

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