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The 4 types of company environments

Following on from his article on how technology can ruin the employee experience, Jacob Morgan has named the four types of organisations and the environments they create.

These companies focus on giving employees the tools they need to do their jobs – such as modern technology – while creating a sense of purpose. Staff typically feel greater autonomy, accountability and responsibility thanks to a lack of a traditional hierarchy. However, the physical office might not be the most inviting.

On the flip side, these organisations offer beautiful offices with modern facilities, such as an open plan, conference rooms, lounges and collaboration spaces. Staff still have access to modern technology and useful tools, but they typically feel a lack of purpose. A strict hierarchy makes communication difficult.

Employees here feel empowered by a lack of a pecking order. Their sense of purpose is stronger and communication flows freely. The working environment is modern and inviting, but there is a shortage of proper tools. While staff enjoy their work, they don’t feel enabled to be more productive.

Morgan says he’s seeing an emergence of this new type of organisation. While most companies will try focus on two of the other three environments, experiential businesses invest in all of them. They provide appealing offices, modern technology and a strong sense of purpose to attract and retain employees. Morgan points out LinkedIn and Mars Drinks as well-known organisations that are finding success with this mindset.

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