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The best reason to return to the office… THE TEA!

By teapigs

With more of us getting ready to go back into work, why not make the best reason to return to the office… the tea!

Not only does your office deserve a decent brew after the year we’ve had, it’s really important that making tea is safe for everyone when they get back to work.

You can do this by making sure that anything to do with your favourite cuppa gets handled at little as possible – and we’ve got you covered!

So, the first thing to think about would be the tea – this is a super easy fix! Rather than sharing a communal box of dusty teabags, change to single serve individually wrapped envelopes. This means only the person making the brew will be touching the tea itself.

We have a fab range of whole leaf teas and herbal infusions that come in envelope format – ranging from hot tea classics like our everyday brew and fresh peppermint leaves to our new range of cold brew infusions which are designed to brew quickly in cold water. Simply pop one in your water bottle or glass and… well, that’s it!

The next stage would be your hot water tap or kettle – make sure this is cleaned and disinfected frequently. You could also offer hand sanitizing gel and gloves in the area as an extra precaution.

Lastly, think of your cups. If the thought of grabbing any old mug out of the dishwasher makes you cautious then here are a few things to consider. Some people are moving towards disposable cups however just think about what is most eco-friendly for you guys. One great way you can minimise the number of cups that are being used and handled around the office is to gift each team member a cup or water bottle to use exclusively.

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