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The festive period is officially over

With the end of the Christmas, it is now time to be painfully shifted back into reality.


Reality demands that you wear actual clothes instead of trackies and PJs, and get out of bed before 9am, and stop eating three lunches and a selection box in one afternoon.


After days of chilled down-time, it is inevitable that you are going to be faced with a rollercoaster of emotions on your first day back at work:


1. Denial

It’s early in the morning, and you’re wrapped up snugly and practically cocooned in your duvet. And then there goes the alarm.

2. Anger

Not even the feel of the luxurious and practical underwear you treated yourself to from M&S can lift your spirits.

3. Wishful thinking
While you’re waiting for some disaster to occur to prevent you from attending work you start to daydream of all the ways you can get out of work and back to watching festive movies in bed again.

4. Jealousy
Nothing like checking your phone during your lunch break while eating a soggy sandwich from the canteen and seeing friends who are either at home and watching a bit of Uncle Buck, or those lucky ones who are currently away on holiday.

5. Regret
As everyone recaps their Christmas adventures, you realise yours only extend to completing a 1000 piece jigsaw.

6. Dread
As your work load explodes, you decide that perhaps deciding to leave all those annoyingly complex tasks to deal with in the first week back probably wasn’t the best idea.

7. Acceptance
After your fifth emergency cup of tea you’ve decided that this is your life. You must accept the fact that every day cannot be spent at home, watching TV and drinking mulled wine.


8. Relief

Nothing can beat that sweet joyous moment when you look up and realise that it’s home time. You grab your stuff pronto and power walk out the office. Destination? Your sofa, naturally.


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