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The key to successful living? Online tutorials

Brits have found love, got a job and even saved a life having previously consulted online tutorials.

A study of 2,000 adults found more than one in 10 believe they have found love after watching ‘how to date’ videos.

And 10 per cent also think they landed their dream job after viewing clips about ‘how to ace the perfect interview’.

A quarter of those polled even think they have been able to help someone in medical difficulty with knowledge gleaned from videos online.

And one in five believe this has meant they have helped to save a life.

The research was commissioned by Vision Direct and found one in 10 also thank video tutorials for successfully conceiving a child.

This comes after previous research by the company, which has tutorials for wearing contact lenses, found two-thirds of adults rely on technology first and foremost if they want to learn anything new.

And more than half would rather turn to Google or YouTube for this than ask a person to help or train them.

Other frequently searched ‘How To’ videos include how to put in contact lenses, get stains out of clothing, get further on a computer game, and shave for the first time.

While others want to watch how to learn French, type, bake cookies, apply gel nails, and poach an egg.

Just under 20 per cent of those polled, via OnePoll, now believe they’re experts at cooking after consulting How To videos, and 11 per cent have mastered the art of makeup.

But the most common skill Brits have picked up after watching videos online is how to tackle DIY jobs around the home.