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The life of an organised PA: The apps you need to download

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It can be difficult to be organised all the time, even the best of us can have a laps in concentration and miss a birthday or a meeting, this article by Lauren Buck, Freelance writer, has all the helpful apps you need to stay organised and ready.

As a PA, you’re often incredibly busy with a number of tasks to do all at once. This is why you need to be organised. Typing, minute taking, travelling, managing diaries, filing, booking appointments, sending emails and running professional and personal errands. These are just a few tasks which you may have to do as a PA. Managing your time effectively so that you can do all of these tasks promptly and effectively means that you need to have super organisation skills. If you want to know the secrets of being highly organised, then read on.

These apps are designed to help organise your professional life and make your job easier. With easy access, these apps allow you to work on a flight or train journey from anywhere around the world.


LinkedIn App logo

The LinkedIn app is essential for busy PA’s. The LinkedIn app provides quick access to a range of resources and helpful articles which are full of advice. There’s over eighteen million articles, videos and presentations which are useful for a variety of professions including Personal Assistants. If you feel like you need a spark of inspiration or motivation, then click the app and have a little read. LinkedIn is also a great way to stay in touch and chat with colleagues and other professionals.


Xero App logo

Keep an eye on all business incomings and outgoings with the Xero app. The app makes filling out tax returns a much easier process and if your manager needs information about their expenses, then it’s easy to show them. Xero connects straight to the bank account of your choice making all transactions available to see in the accounting software. The accounting dashboard provides an overview of your finances and you can access bank balances in real time, invoices, expenses and bills.


Gmail App Logo

As you’re always on the go and contacting several people a day, it’s essential to download an email app. Send and reply to emails easily through the app on your phone. If you’re taking a long commute or have a moment spare, it’s a great idea to open up the app and go through your emails. The app notifies you every time you receive an email so you can respond right away.


Evernote App logo

Do you enjoy writing lists or have so many things to write on your to-do list? If so, you need to download the Evernote app. Evernote helps you to stay organised and works as an organiser/planner where you can create to-do lists, handwrite notes, scan documents and make sketches. What’s great about this app is that you can edit and share notes with other people, so you can exchange quick notes to your manager easily.


Calendly app logo

Manage and organise all of your business life with the Calendly app. Calendly is an app which allows you to schedule each working day by adding key and important dates to your calendar. Schedule important events including business meetings, meetings with your manager and with the accountant. This app makes scheduling appointments and meetings so easy. The app collaborates with other apps such as Outlook and Google to make sure that you are never double booked.

Are there any apps we missed? If you know a useful app that more PAs/EAs should be using, contact