THE MIDAS I: Gifting Inspired by Incredible Women


What comes first; the idea or the inspiration…?

When we first started to develop the concept behind The Midas I bespoke gifting service, we knew that we wanted to work with the world’s most gifted artisans and creators but felt strongly that we needed to avoid being another “off-the-shelf” or “Limited Edition” gifting service. As a team of former designers, interior architects, and visual merchandisers, we all came together to explore the concept that we hoped to develop and it soon became clear that none of us were interested in the idea of sourcing more “product” in a world saturated by “things”.

Let inspiration lead us

As we started to engage with artisans and creators we hoped to partner with, we found ourselves moving away from the idea of product and more towards where their ideas come from. From this, the idea of Inspiration-led evolved. Understanding who and what inspires them, and above all how remarkable individuals inspire them in the development of their ideas and the ensuing creations.

Incredible women

Once we had decided on who our partner creators would be we organised some sessions to connect all our like-minded creators, initially virtually, then in person, and we noticed a common thread: How many incredible women have inspired their thought process. We even saw the same images and visual prompts in sketch books, mood boards, and even in the doodles of their sketch books as they all shared ideas!

We’ve selected a few of these inspiring figures to showcase how Midas-I is fundamentally an Inspiration-led business, with real and remarkable people the driving force behind so many of the unique gift options we offer our clients.


Josephine Baker


Where to begin with Mademoiselle Baker, the superstar from St Louis, Missouri who fled the racism of the United States the turn of the century to find her true calling in Paris, which was at the time at the epicentre of the world’s creative and artistic revolution. As Liberty, our partner Saville Row tailor and Creative Director of (Basket) commented: “Josephine danced, sang and performed to her tune. She was a true original and a true pioneer, becoming the first black woman to appear to star in a major motion picture. It’s easy to simply associate her with the joi de vivre of pre-war Paris but it’s often overlooked how she became a key figure in the French Resistance during WW2, and received the Croix de Guerre for her efforts at the end of the war.”


Elizabeth Taylor Diamond


Elizabeth Taylor is often characterised by the obvious outward traits; her looks, huge talent, and her love of precious stones, but for true fans, it’s her strength as a character and her independent spirit at a time when Hollywood was more interested into moulding its female stars into well-defined character tropes.

It’s this sheer feistiness that so many of our creators have referenced when they talk about how she has inspired them.


Michaela Coel


Michaela Coel may have become one of the most talked about writers and actors when her much lauded TV drama I May Destroy You helped to take our attention away from the stress of Covid in 2020, but when we talked about her as a group, we honed in more on the fact that she was prepared to turn down a reported £1M from entertainment giant Netflix, in order to maintain creative control over her writing. It’s the same independence of spirit and strength of character as Josephine and Elizabeth, and it’s this resolve to be true to a creative vision that will always inspire our creators.


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