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Three venues collaborate to promote Medical City

Three leading venues in the Euston area of London are joining forces to promote the area as a prime location for events linked to healthcare.

BMA House, RCP and Wellcome Collection all use their profits to help larger medical organisations achieve their mission. During this challenging time, they wanted to demonstrate their unity through a common goal.

Often described as the Medical Mile, the area around Euston is a hub of leading venues with strong links to local hospitals, practitioners and research institutes. It is an ideal place for any form of meeting or event linked to not just medicine but also the wider healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Specifically, the three venues will be collaborating, referring opportunities, supporting each other’s events and providing multi-site spaces for meetings as necessary. Together they offer a wide range of delegate packages, hourly rates, digital and hybrid solutions, ensuring all client needs are met.

After an extremely challenging year with lots of industry changes, all three venues have successfully received the MIA AIM Secure Accreditation and Visit Britain Good to Go Accreditation making them COVID safe venues for the future.

Kat Winfield, Venue Manager, BMA House, comments: “Medical and healthcare workers have continually showed their strength, resolve and professionalism throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and we are all extremely grateful for their dedication and commitment. At the moment the greatest support we can offer is to stay at home and refrain from hosting events. However, in time that will change and we are exploring all opportunities to support our clients.”

Fairouz Grzyb, Business Development Manager, Royal College of Physicians, said: “When appropriate, we intend to come back stronger than ever, working as a collective to deliver the best possible experience for delegates and organisers alike. In the meantime, we all offer extensive digital and hybrid packages to ensure that events continue and vital education, knowledge transfer and networking take place.”

Diana West, Sales Manager, Wellcome Collection, concludes: “As a group, we offer a wide variety of event options. We can work individually or across multiple sites and want above all to demonstrate our unity in challenging times. We have extensive links into all areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals and the wider healthcare market, making us the ideal first call for any event across these sectors.”

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