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Three ways to avoid burnout

Burnout is now a recognised medical diagnosis in several countries. However, it’s a broad term and the reasons for it vary from person to person. Researchers at the University of Zaragoza in Spain recently discovered thee distinct causes of burnout and some ways to avoid them.

The researchers found that overload burnout is commonly experienced by those who work until exhaustion and often vent frustrations about limits imposed by their organisation. They suggest that detachment outside of the workplace may be the best way to avoid it. As hard as it is, try switching off your work mobile when you get home and ignore emails and texts past a certain point. Having a few messages to answer in the morning is better than pushing yourself to the point of illness.

The second type of burnout is caused by a lack of development. Sufferers often make attempts to avoid work. While taking regular breaks and leaving the office are temporary fixes, but experts suggest creating goals to occupy your time. Taking the initiative to better yourself if the opportunities aren’t available from your organisation is a great way to stay motivated. If that fails, it might be time to think about changing jobs.

Realistic expectations
Stress-related burnout causes sufferers to place unrealistic demands on themselves and give up, even if they have a real desire to succeed. However, multiple studies show taking on too many tasks is a shortcut to exhaustion and reduced productivity. Be assertive and know when to say you’ve got too much on your plate. Look at your schedule and to-do list regularly to make sure you haven’t taken on too much.

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