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Time of month affects your work schedule

According to author, teacher and speaker Miranda Grey, speaking to MailOnline, the secret of success for women in the workplace can be put down to where they are in their menstrual cycle, 

Miranda, who has written The Optimized Woman: Using The Menstrual Cycle To Achieve Success And Fulfillment, advised women to start something new the week after their period, schedule meetings for during ovulation, brainstorm ideas when pre-menstrual, and make those tough decisions during your period.

She said: ‘Any woman can do any task at any time of the month and do it well. But if a woman does a task during the optimal days in her cycle, she can excel.’

Miranda breaks down the basics into 4 phases…



You thrive in: Risk-taking, logical thinking and higher levels of concentration, planning and organising, research. 

What to do: This is the time to start something new. Start the new diet or fitness regime, write up your CV and research jobs, learn something relevant to your work. 


You thrive in: Understanding people’s emotions and needs, practical focus, good communication and listening skills, ability to help and nurture others and conflict resolution.

What to do: This is the time to create and nurture productive relationships. Run meetings, carry out staff assessment. Market yourself. 


You thrive in: Intuition, ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, critical analysis.

What to do: This is a time of decreasing physical energy and stamina, but if we do tasks when we have the energy and rest when we don’t, we can make this a highly productive and beneficial phase. 

Look for problems and create ‘fixes’. Avoid teams and meetings and work alone so that you can work at your own pace. Tidy your workspace.


You thrive in: Ability to accept and let go, big picture thinking, ability to reflect and to commit.

What to do: This is a time of low physical energy, so we need to slow down to receive the optimal skill sets of this phase. Think about the bigger picture and the mission statements of projects, employers, and your life to see if they are in alignment. 


Make the big decisions – to change the direction of a project, to change jobs, go for promotion, commit to something new. It is the optimal time to let go of the emotional baggage of the previous month.


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