Top 10 stories of the week

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1. Gallery: PA Life Christmas party photos

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us wave goodbye to 2017 in style at DSTRKT London among the Champagne, canapés, entertainment and prize draws!

2. The seven desks of most effective people unveiled

Inspired by the famous business manual, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, first published in 1988 by Stephen R Covey, Fellowes has identified seven different desk typologies and the most common objects found at their workstations.

3. November/December 2017 digital edition

Click on the cover below to view the full online version of the issue.

4. What does your alcohol say about you?

Red wine drinkers are considered more relaxed, while spirit drinkers are often seen as confident and sexy, according to new research. Exploring the potential emotional factors underpinning alcohol preference, the researchers drew on anonymised responses to the world’s largest online survey of legal and illicit drug and alcohol use among adults (Global Drug Survey or GDS).

5. Venue of the week: Wilderness

Leaving the office after a week’s work, heading to Liverpool Street and hopping on a two-hour train journey to North-East Suffolk isn’t exactly what I picture as the ideal winter Friday night. Cold, tired and with the feeling of flu (Not man flu, that doesn’t exist) creeping in, sitting among commuters heading to a corner of the UK I’ve never been before to a place literally called Wilderness, they were going to have to work overtime to lift my grumpy spirits.

6. Competition: Be a workplace hero

Every office has a hero. The unsung – and all too often un-thanked – person who makes every day just a little bit better. To celebrate them and their contribution, Nestlé Professional® is offering readers the chance to win everything they need to become a workplace hero with £1,000 worth of KITKAT® and NESCAFÉ® AZERA® coffee.

7. One third of office workers expected to work on Christmas Day

The research, which was carried out by TLF Research for tech firm eShare, found that 20 per cent of those interviewed said they will log on to work every day of the Christmas holidays, while seven per cent revealed they would do multiple times a day.

8. Britain facing FOMO epidemic

Brits are expected to spend tens of thousands of pounds because of FOMO, or the Fear of Missing Out, according to new research. The study was carried out by Broadbandchoices, examining the nation’s spending habits and how the fear of missing something spectacular can lead to us spending more than we really should.

9. Will you give your desk the festive treatment?

British workers are embracing the festive season and all that comes with it, according to new research. A survey by interiors etailer has revealed that the British workforce is prepared to kit out their desks and offices in style this Christmas, and many have already.

10. Photobooth gallery: More PA Life Christmas photos

And yet another huge thank you to everyone who helped us wave goodbye to 2017 in style at DSTRKT London among the Champagne, canapés, entertainment and prize draws!