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Travel booking made easy

After listening to, and taking on board, a PA Life Magazine survey from a few years ago, here at Good Travel Management we wanted to make things as easy and stress free for you as can be. We?re fully aware, and appreciative, of how relentlessly busy your days can be. The fact that 30% of your time is spent booking travel, which essentially means that you spend up to and beyond 11 hours (that?s 1.5 days) a week doing this, resulted in us having one main objective: saving you time. 


Most of you have probably encountered problems when trying to book business travel arrangements, whether it be airlines or rail tickets, and then finding suitable accommodation nearby. It?s usually a case of comparing by flicking back and forth through endless tabs, or webpages, and refreshing them repeatedly to ensure it?s ?all still there?. Well, we thought we?d just provide you, our customers and consultants, with one online page which collates the availability of fares and rates for multiple suppliers and sources all in the same place; saving you plenty of energy and time and ensuring that you secure the best value option at speed. For instance, we can check 400,000 hotel properties with 8 suppliers in just 1 search and provide all of the results in 1 screen.

Then, of course, there?s always an issue or last minute alteration isn?t there? This in itself can usually be enough to cause a fist clench or generate a frown, however, we?re on with solving those little stresses for you too. Firstly, we ensure all of our consultants are trained in the art of pro-active thinking; they?re willing to push it that little bit further so the travellers and bookers don?t have to. Next, they try to anticipate every potential problem, query or question which may occur, and not only find a smart solution, but ready themselves with one. Essentially, this saves correspondence time for us all, rather than managing multiple emails and plentiful phone calls.

What?s more is that we do recognise that travel plans do change and can change right up until the last minute. Unfortunately, it happens. Therefore we?ve invested and injected a lot of our energy and resources in to new technology that can cope with it. New technology that?s smart enough and sharp enough to allow us, for example, to change an air ticket (something that has previously struck fear in to the heart of many of us, in the past) in just 5 minutes or 5 simple keyboard entries.

When Good Travel Management become your Travel Management Company, in what could be viewed as a role reversal, we become your PA, your Executive Assistant for travel and your sole solution to saving time.